SOUND BOX is the name of a trio of musicians from Annecy who share the same musical tastes. Sharing is the right word which fits perfectly in the mindset of the group.

After several months of work, their first album “Get Up and Try” came out in September 2012.

Better than offering perfume in a mundane bottle or jewelry in a carton box, think of giving Sound Box’s album, which is beautifully presented.

Once the play button is engaged, you hear a “melting pop” so intoxicating that it grabs you by the ear and won’t let go.

Give way to groove where scratch is on first-name basis with soul and funk and where the guitar shows its riffs to put a dash of rock tempo.

Vintage sound is brought by the keyboard sounding like a Hammond organ.

Though the styles are varied, transitions are made in harmony to keep consistency in the group’s music.

The sound from Sound Box has been influenced by such musicians as Richard Bona, Sting, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and many more. At the heart of all these melodies the sweetness of a crystalline voice rises to sing lyrics in the language of Shakespeare; a mermaid beckons for you to cross the sea of sound and forget  the melancholy of your soul.

When playing live, Laura (vocals and base) Peter (guitar) and Cyrille (on drums) appear relaxed, but are also concealing their worry to obtain perfection.

Since the release of their album, the band has played over twenty concerts. News of the band spread quickly through word of mouth and there were many positive press returns. This summer, several big festivals opened their arms to the group  and each time, there was great chemistry between the band and the audience.

The desire of creation does not extinguish in between concerts.  After each gig, there is always room for composing  – so much so that a new EP of five tracks, “Sowing and Reaping” is expected this fall.